No media group is independent in China, increased control since Chinfing took power

According to a report, the media has increased control since Chinese President Xi Jinping took power in 2012. Newspaper channels and radio stations have no choice but to follow the passparty’s interests.

Beijing, ANI. No media group in China is free from the influence of the ruling Communist Party. They have no choice but to follow the party’s interests. This is revealed in a report by Nikkei Asia. On the move to ban the BBC, Nikkei’s Bureau Chief Tetsuhi Takahashi in China said media control had increased since Xi Chinfing took power in 2012. Newspapers, channels and radio stations have no choice.

It is noteworthy that China’s National Radio and Television Administration has banned the broadcasting of BBC World News. It says that the BBC has run false reports of human rights violations in Xinjiang. The Communist Party mouthpiece Global Times has accused the BBC of misreporting on China’s steps in dealing with the corona virus.

In fact, a week ago, the British media regulator Ofcom had canceled the license of China’s official English channel CGTN (China Global Television Network). After which China threatened to retaliate. China criticized the reporting by the BBC over the Corona epidemic and the persecution of minority Uigars and lodged their protest with the British broadcaster.

At the same time, on the move of China, the BBC said that it was disappointed with the action taken by the Chinese government. Explain that the BBC was never allowed to broadcast in mainland China or Chinese homes. BBC World News was available only in international hotels and diplomatic offices.

At the same time, the United States and European Union (EU) condemned the Chinese action of banning the BBC. The EU said that China should change its ban on BBC World News because it violated the Chinese constitution and human rights.

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